Forklift trucks and warehouse technology for light-duty applications

The Classic Line from STILL

Do you have moderate stacking and transport tasks in your warehouse? Are you looking for a helper who simply does the job? Welcome to the Classic Line from STILL. Here you will find forklift trucks and warehouse technology just the way you want them: robust, reliable and ready for action. Every Classic Line product is 100% STILL: ergonomic in design, simple and safe to handle - but free of extras that you don't need. This way we can offer you a price that is more than attractive - including the STILL quality and service you are used to. And best of all: You don't have to wait long for these models. They are available at short notice and can also be ordered online. Now that's smart!

Straight to the goal.

Your business is sometimes complex enough - in the warehouse you want it simple and straightforward. That's exactly what the Classic Line is designed for. Equipped with STILL quality but standardised features, these models reliably do their job. They are intuitive to operate and easy to maintain. Ideal for occasional or single-shift operation.

Don't wait. Just start!

Time is money. With the Classic Line, you enjoy the invaluable advantage of short delivery times: Generally, your new forklift truck or warehouse equipment will be with you quickly and you can get to work right away. Another advantage is less complexity: A short instruction session is all it takes - and you're ready to go.

Service without compromise.

The products of the Classic Line are as simple and streamlined as the service behind them is comprehensive. Whenever you need a service technician, a spare part or just some good advice: The extensive STILL service network is fully at your disposal and has a technician nearby. He will also be happy to advise you on all aspects of your intralogistics and are always there for you after you have made your purchase.


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